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Islamic Mr Men Books ( Brother & Little Sisters )
Tales from Dhikarville (New)
 new 2022 book - Brother & sister Ramadan 
Brother Tawheed - Happily Ever After (With Stickers)
Brother Akhlaaq - Agent J
Brother Islaah - Who dunn it
Brother Ilm - Know-it-all
Brother Dawah - A Trip to Idol-Land
Brother Sawm - The Big Lie
Brother Salaam - Meet the Brothers of Dhikarville
Little Sister Tahaarah - Too Much of a Good Thing
Little Sister Salah - The Big Miss-take
Little Sister Halaawah - A Very Sweet Party
Little Sister Salaam - Meet the Little Sisters of Dhikarville
Little Sister Dua - The House of Dua (With Stickers)
Little Sister Qiraah - What Do You Mean I am Mean
Little Sister Shukr - The Medical Mix-up
Size of Books: 14cm x 13cm appx
Colour Book
Illustrated by: M.N. Sialvi
Written by: H.B. Sahibzada

The storybooks we produce are designed to be educational fun - reading for fun, but not without purpose, so each story, whilst being fun to read, also teaches an important moral value or lesson.

Our workbooks are designed to be fun education - educational and well-researched, founded in traditional scholarship, yet fun and engaging with a modern audience.



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Islamic Mr Men Books ( Brother & Little Sisters ) Tales from Dhikarville (New)

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